Friday, September 10, 2010

Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy

Title: Scarlet Feather
Author: Maeve Binchy
Other Books in this series: None
Summary: Cathy Scarlet and Tom Feather are best friends and co-owners of the catering company Scarlet Feather. This book chronicles a year. From New Years Eve to New Years Eve. Together Cathy and Tom show their friendship is strong enough to withstand heartbreak, breakups, confusion, evil mother-in-laws, a crazy pair of twins, and so much more.
Review: I LOVE Maeve Binchy, but this was not one of my favorites. It was good, but just kinda... blah. The romance in it was unsatisfactory. Like you didn't like the couples.
Cover Rating: 2/5
Comments on the Cover: It's kind of boring. It's... just a red door and a brick building. I feel like there were so many more possibilities for this book cover. And they chose a red door.
Character Comments: The characters were well-written, but they got tedious after a while. Once in a while, you really just wanted to smack them a few times.
Favorite Character: Tom and the Twins. Tom's such a great guy and the Twins... well, I really can't say much for them.
Character Rating: 3/5
Plot line rating: 3/5
Likeliness to reread it? 2/5
Overall rating: 2/5
Books like this that I have reviewed: N/A

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  1. I like Maeve Binchy, seems like her books are either really good or blah. Nice easy reads though.

    Thanks for visiting my blog today, hope you come back often. :)