Monday, September 27, 2010

Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley

 Title: Ghost Girl
Author: Tonya Hurley
Series? Yes
Aquired From: Public Library 
Summary: All that Charlotte wants is to not be invisible. To be popular, like Petula. Oh, and have Damen, only the hottest guy in school, notice her and fall madly and passionately in love with her. It seems like Charlotte's dreams are coming true on the first day of school when she tries out for the cheerleading team and snags Damen as a Physics partner. That is... until she chokes on a gummy bear and dies. After her death, Charlotte can only be seen by Petula's goth younger sister, Scarlet, who wrote Charlotte's brief obituary.
Review: This was a really fun book. It was a quick read and very entertaining.
Cover Rating: 3/5
Comments on the Cover: I love it, but it's hard to read the hardcover...
Character Comments: Funny. I laughed at all of them, probably even the ones I wasn't supposed to laugh at.
Favorite Character: Scarlet
Character Rating: 4/5
Plot line rating: 5/5
Likeliness to reread it? 3/5
Overall rating: 3.75/5
Books like this that I have reviewed: N/A

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