Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best I've Read of 2010: Post 4

To Kill a Mockingbird

Why I Loved it? This January, a kid's mom gave him a used copy of this book. He said, 'thanks mom' and all that jazz, but really had no cares and reeeeallly didn't want to read it. So, knowing the bookie that I was (am), he gave it to me. I put it on my bookshelf and my 'to read' list. When I started in Public School, this was the first book that was assigned to me. They gave me a copy and, of course, there were a few pages missing. So, I got to use my copy. I read it, and I was the only person I knew who understood it and actually liked it. I love books that write the diologue how the characters would say it. It really interests me and keeps it that way. The classic story of growing up, or coming of age, is really a must read American classic. I know it's totally cliche to say so, but it's really true.

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