Friday, December 17, 2010

Best I've read of 2010 Post 3

Along for the Ride

Why I Loved it? This was one of the more recent books I've read by Sarah Dessen. I started reading her books, and was enamoured. I LOVE the realities of teenage life that she portrays in her book. Although her books are cliche, they're a good cliche. Sometimes you just need a book like Along for the Ride. Too much unpredictable can be a bad thing. I really liked this one by her. I thought that it was different from her other ones. The insomnia was a really nice touch, especially since every teenager probably experiences insomnia at some point. I like how the two main characters, instead of sitting up in bed, went out on adventures. Of course, the fact that no parents found out about these adventures isn't very realistic, but whatever. I still loved this book.

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  1. It is a wonderful book. Probably the only Sarah Dessen i can stomach.